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Welcome to, the web site dedicated to presenting common sense facts, news, information and opinions about the state and direction of government in the United States. was founded in September, 2003.

Our purpose is to present a common sense approach to government, to educate individuals on the failings and flaws of liberal political philosophy, to educate people on how to deal with the overwhelming liberal bias and propaganda in the media and entertainment community, and advise people on how to become truly informed on what is happening politically in America today.

Our goal is not just to present well formulated information, but also to encourage and empower you to communicate with your government, to talk back and let your views, needs and suggestions be known.

America is the freest nation on earth, but it will only stay that way if its citizens are educated, informed, and involved in the process.

In case it is not obvious, we are NOT affiliated with Al Gore in any way.

Since the election of Barack Obama, we feel it is more vital than ever to spread the news about true conservative political ideas, and to expose the radical liberal policies and intentions of the Democratic Party leadership.

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Visit our new blog, the Common Sense Government Blog.

Common Sense Government Blog

We hope you enjoy the site, and that you come back again. Thank you for your interest and support.

David Limbaugh, well-known conservative columnist and author, had this to say about

"Very good job on the column. Interesting background you have. I'm gratified to see that you came over to the 'right' side. I'm enjoying your excellent insights too. Keep 'em coming. Take care. David."

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